Ada Palka

Personal Trainer, fitness expert

I have graduated from Cracow Physical Education Academy. Nowadays, I work as a personal trainer, fitness expert. I used to train sprint running, which became my passion forever. I work with many athletes including Dakar winner – Rafał Sonik. My mission is to share my passion for sport and that’s why I have created Train My Way blog. I love sport and I can’t imagine working without people. I promote healthy lifestyle, I teach positive attitude and thinking as well as motivate to physical activities. Mission and persistence in striving for goals are my lifeblood.

Ada Palka

Let each obstacle be your chance.

My foundations:


Passion for sport

Carry out the mission

Persistence in striving of goals

Sport Achievements:


Bronze medal, Polish Junior championships in 2000 m steeplechase

Gold medal, Polish Setnior Team Championships in cross-country chase

Particiption in Europe Team Cup in cross-country chase