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In the rush of everyday life, where the increase need for macronutrients and microelements appears to be normal our new line of capsules “That’s the Capsule” can help. These are completely safe and effective supplements, with no stimulants.
This is the line of supplements made for the most demanding one. It is functional, properly balanced and with attractive price. It is functional because of its form – capsules that can be taken at any time. It is also perfecty balanced due to excellent care and precision in choosing macro and microelements. Additionally, it is affordable comparing it to other offered supplements.
The new line of That’s the Capsule capsules includes:
• Caffeine 200 ENERGY
An excellent preparation that guarantees significant improvement in vitality and better concentration during training or preparation for examinations. A high dose of caffeine in each serving (200 mg) gives a lot of energy. It stimulates the central nervous system and thanks to that it limits the sense of physical effort. What is more it is able to help one’s mind during the period of weakness. Additionally, it increases body thermo genesis by accelerating metabolism.
• Pure Zinc – Zinc Dietary Supplement.
This highly absorbable product, excellent for regeneration after training, with antioxidant properties. This is a perfect support of the immune system. What is more it helps to maintain an adequate level of testosterone in the blood. Additionally, it helps to maintain the metabolism of carbohydrates by keeping the proper nutritional management.
A unique 3 in 1 diet supplement that consists of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts – contains Lycopene, lutein, Coenzyme Q10, bromelain and rutin. The combination of two capsules (white with vitamins and green with minerals is an ideal daily dose that provides an excellent support for physically active and / or micro-and macro-deficient ones. The capsule is made of vegetable ingredients that makes Vita-Min ideal for vegetarians.

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